"I am a Senior Community Manager at Community Development, Inc.; which manages over 225 Homeowners Associations. Over the years, I have developed a strong working relationship with Shane Lange, the owner of Go Get Fred. To date my expectations have consistently been met and/or exceeded.

Shane has displayed a strong willingness to customize his services to the needs of each specific Association.

As a Community Manager, I have been very pleased with the services that have been provided by Go Get Fred at my pool communities. Shane has been proactive in bringing issues to my attention as well as solutions so that the issue can be addressed in a timely fashion.

I would highly recommend Go Get Fred (Shane Lange) for your pool service needs."

Candace Lee
Senior Community Manager

"Go Get Fred, LLC has operated two large association swimming pools and two splash parks for associations where I am the Community Manager. Since Go Get Fred has begun operating these pools and splash parks, our homeowner satisfaction has increased dramatically and down-time for maintenance repairs has been reduced greatly. Go Get Fred, LLC has researched repair methods with the manufacturers that ahve saved both time and expenses. Go Get Fred, LLC has shown the knowledge necessary to keep up with changing laws and regulations and what is needed to keep the pools in compliance. Go Get Fred, LLC understands the importance of working with various pool inspetors and has communicated inspections results and what has been needed to complete pool inspections to allow the pools to operate.

Having worked with a number of pool vendors in the past, I find that Go Get Fred, LLC has been the most affective and efficient in operating the pools and in communicating problems and needs as they arise.

I strongly recommend Go Get Fred, LLC for swimming pool operations."

Michael Leimer CMCA, AMS
Senior Community Manager
Community Development, Inc.

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