Pool Opening & Closing

For properties with pools these are the happiest and saddest times of the year. Go Get FRED can handle the complete opening and closing of your pool and facility.

Everything from removing the winter cover, starting the pumps and the initial shock treatment to removing the ladder, draining the equipment and winterizing the lines.

* Denotes Commerical pools only.

Pool Opening Checklist

We offer a full line of Tropiton Patio Furiture
  • Log Book with operational handbook*
  • Pool cover stored
  • Compliant drain covers*
  • Compliant equalizers*
  • Jets unplugged
  • Skimmers unplugged
  • Pumps running
  • Pool heater working
  • Pool holding water
  • Pool clear and clean
  • Chemicals delivered
  • Pump room cleaned*
  • CPO and pool license hung*
  • Pool furniture cleaned and placed*
  • Pool deck cleaned*
  • Pool structure ok
  • Pool areas meet all Federal and State Codes*
  • County inspection complete*
  • Pool building operational*

Pool Closing Checklist

  • Log Book with operational handbook stored*
  • Pool lowered 12” below jets
  • Pool cover installed
  • All lines winterized
  • Jets and equalizers plugged
  • Skimmers plugged
  • Pumps drained
  • Pool heater winterized
  • Pool clear and clean
  • Chemicals stored
  • Pump room cleaned*
  • Pool furniture stored*
  • Pool building winterized if needed*
  • Pool inspected for repairs in the Spring

You can feel confident when you hire Go Get FRED you will receive prompt and professional service.

& Repairs

In addition to pool maintenence FRED also offers a wide range of pool service and repairs

Emergency Serivces 24 x 7