Go From A Carefree Pool Occupier To A Certified Pool Operator

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Why Get Certified?

Whether you’re looking to comply with state or local codes, avoid liability, or advance your career, there are many reasons why it pays to be CPO certified. Go Get FRED will teach you how to safely and efficiently manage the day-to-day operation of a pool.

Who Should Obtain A CPO Certificate?

Whether this is your first time getting certified or you’re in need of a refresher, our CPO course is ideal for a wide range of individuals, such as:

  • Commercial or residential pool operators
  • Public Health Department officials or inspectors
  • Owners of a building with a pool
  • Managers and maintenance staff of hotels, private clubs, and fitness centers
  • Building engineers

About The Class

Our 2-day class consists of 16 hours of instruction, in which we will walk you through the official CPO handbook and guide you in the proper management of a pool. There will be plenty of opportunities to work closely with the instructor to ensure you fully understand the material before the open-book exam at the end.

Some Topics Include:

  • How to properly test the water and balance pH levels
  • How to backwash and clean filters
  • An overview of pool equipment and facility management
  • How to calculate the volume of a pool and apply the correct chemical doses
  • How to treat a pool for potential viruses and other diseases
  • An overview of relevant state and local codes


  • Minneapolis/St. Paul courses: $375
  • Non-Minneapolis/St. Paul courses: $385

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