Full Renovation Included. Just Add Water.

Has your commercial or residential pool been on the decline recently? Have the discolored and deteriorated surfaces become an eyesore? Or perhaps your guests have been complaining about how rough it is on their feet. If so, it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to Go Get FRED.

The Quality Services You Require. The Affordable Prices You Desire.

Whether you manage a health and fitness center, an HOA, or a private backyard oasis, we’re here to help you protect the integrity of your pool. Here are some of the renovation services we offer.

Plaster Pool Resurfacing

If your pool’s plaster has started crumbling and chipping away, then it is likely being sucked into the filtration system, causing irreparable damage to the pumps and filters. Protect your pool from further harm with some much-needed plaster surgery.

Aggregate Pool Finishes

AsĀ Wet Edge-certified professionals, we’re able to incorporate river pebbles, stones, glass beads, and other natural elements directly into the plaster, resulting in a more durable and aesthetically-pleasing pool.

Waterline Tile Replacement

Don’t settle for pool tiles that are loose, broken, or missing completely. We will either match your existing colors and style or offer a new design that will better highlight your pool’s inherent beauty.

Concrete Coping Renewal

Deck level edging is your pool’s secret weapon when it comes to showcasing unique features and accentuating the sparkle off the water’s surface. Go Get FRED will have your coping (and the rest of your pool) looking its best in no time.

Pool Deck Restoration

Your guests’ pool experience begins before even the first toe is dipped in the water. Impress them with a deck surface that is smooth but not slippery, stylish but not overpriced, and inviting without being overly distracting.

High-Pressure Water Blasting

Our hydro-jet equipment will increase the longevity of your renovated pool by cleaning away old paint, grime, chemicals, and other heavy buildups to ensure the new plaster bonds well with the existing surface.

It's Time To Take Action

Contact one of our renovation professionals today and we'll discuss the best options for bringing new life to your aging pool.